Twenty-nine of the 79 Hamilton County schools have a resource officer on campus during school hours. Adding more to the roster has been a discussion for months, but the school board's half million-dollar budget is making it a reality.

“We will continue to refine in regards to making sure that our buildings are as safe as possible and that the environment as a whole is safe as possible for children,” said Dr. Johnson.

Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson says it's up to the sheriff's office to find the right officers to help keep Hamilton County school's safe.

“I know they look for a particular type of officer to serve in those roles and so those things take some time and we understand that but then there’s also an urgency there just because of the nature of where society is,” said Dr. Johnson.

In anticipation of the budget approval, the sheriff's office posted the positions last month and took applications.

“We continually advertise but I had already put up the application to see who would apply knowing that I would most likely get a few this summer. I'm very pleased to know that it was more than I thought but it's going in the right direction,” said Hammond.

Hammond says while the school board is covering most of the cost for the SRO’s. His office will make a capital investment to equip them with the tools they need.

“That’s for the cars, the training, the equipment all of the expenses of stuff; the guns and everything that goes with an officer when you hire them.”

Hammond says he's working to get the new SRO's on board as soon as possible, but it will depend on how long the hiring and training process takes. He says they are starting to interview candidates now, but will still take applications.