Representative Chuck Fleischmann addressed several key issues Wednesday.

Channel 3 spoke with the representative about his thoughts on the president's upcoming trip to Nashville, the possibility of the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Kim Jung Un and the NTSB's investigation into the Woodmore crash.


When President Trump visits Nashville at the end of May, it will be his third visit to the state.

The president will headline a Marsha Blackburn campaign fundraiser. Blackburn is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Bob Corker.

Representative Fleischmann plans to travel with the president to Nashville.

Recent polling shows her Democratic competitor, former Governor Phil Bredesen, is leading.

Representative Fleischmann shared with Channel 3 why he supports the president's decision to campaign for Blackburn, although he knows and respects Bredesen.

"I have endorsed Marsha Blackburn for that Senate seat. I think she will be an outstanding U.S. Senator, and I'm going to do what Trump is doing, going out and supporting her in that role," Fleischmann explained.

Representative Fleischmann also said he has been working to get the president to visit the Scenic City.

"My goal ultimately is to get POTUS to Chatt. I want to show him the greatest middle sized city in America, and the wonderful things we're doing in CHATT and Hamilton Co. I'm going to continue to push for that," Fleischmann said.


Fleischmann also expressed his thoughts on the possibility of the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Kim Jung Un.

He said while there's no certainty the meeting will happen as scheduled on June 12, he's confident that at some point it will happen. He said a meeting of this magnitude is too important to just let pass.

"I hope the meeting takes place on the 12th, but if it doesn't, rest assured President Trump will make sure this meeting eventually happens," Representative Fleischmann explained." I think it's too important that the United States, North Korea, South Korea and the affected nations in the area sit down and have a substantive talk about about making sure North Korea moves away from its nuclear path right now, and I actually think they will do that."


Tuesday, the NTSB released their findings and recommendations following their investigation into the Woodmore bus crash. The crash was a launching pad for many seat belt safety bills in legislation, which Representative Fleischmann said he supports.

"We want our schools safe, so the federal government has stepped up actually I have stepped up in the appropriation process and make sure dollars are actually going towards school safety. This is obviously something we can look at," Representative Fleischmann said.

Congressman Fleischmann said he will make sure funding is appropriated for school safety in the future.