The people of Dade and Walker Counties have spoken. In Tuesday’s primary, Colton Moore unseated incumbent John Deffenbaugh who has held the position for the last five years.  

You might be surprised to learn Moore is just 24-years-old, and you might also remember him when we featured him in a School Patrol report seven years ago.

This time two years ago, Colton Moore woke up a college graduate, today he's waking up as the newest Representative for District 1 in Georgia.

Channel 3 spoke to Moore seven years ago, after he was elected president of Future Business Leaders of America for the entire state of Georgia. He told Channel 3's David Carroll in 2011, about his goals in a program for young leaders.

"FBLA offers so many competitive events that we can all strive to hone that professionalism that will give us that competitive advantage when we get out of high school and in college,” Moore said in 2011.

Now, Moore is the young adult who was elected Tuesday as a representative for the Peach State. A lot has changed since high school, but his enthusiasm has stayed the same.

"I’m going to bring a different energy to Atlanta that we haven't seen in a long time,” he said.

Moore is almost 50 years younger than his predecessor, but he's confident Georgia voters made the right decision.

"I don't think age makes a person, I think character and competence does that. If anything, I think my age will be more productive for me,” Moore said.

He’s proven that too. Since graduating from the University of Georgia, he has become a world traveler and auctioneer, a job that has taken him all the way to China.

Now he plans to use his voice for another purpose - to serve.

"I hope to be a louder voice and an objector to some of the push through policy that we see at the capital,” he said.

We asked Moore what his long-term plans are. Right now, he's focusing on his new role. However, if history is any indication of the future, Moore is right on track.

"It’s my great ambition to be president in 2028, and this is a great start,” Moore said in 2011.

Since there is no Democrat running for District 1, Moore will skip the November elections and take office in January. He tells Channel 3 he will spend the next six months meeting with other representatives and building relationships with his constituents.