UPDATE: Dade County residents voted against the transportation sales tax (TSPLOST) on Tuesday.

The final vote against TSPLOST was 58% to 42%.

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ORIGINAL STORY: In Dade County voters will decide on a transportation sales tax (TSPLOST) on Tuesday.

If approved, the money would go toward a new I-59 exit north of Trenton, along with paving roads and sidewalks.

Channel 3 spoke with county commission chairman Ted Rumley and he says the roads throughout the county, including the city of Trenton, need some attention. 

Rumley says building a new I-59 exit will get rid of about 90 percent of tractor-trailer traffic going through town square. It will fix and allow upkeep on roads. It could also bring a bike path, walking trails and sidewalks.

Rumley says the sidewalks in Trenton will be a huge factor in keeping students safe as they walk to school.

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"It will eliminate the tax we're paying when we pay property tax and maintain the roads; it will let everyone that comes through Dade County that spends a dollar put a penny towards our roads," Rumley says. "It's going to sound like a lot but it accumulates and it will override our road budget we have now."

TSPLOST was on the November ballot but it failed.

If it passes on Tuesday night, it will be the first tax increase in Dade County in nine years.

Polls in Georgia close at 7:00 p.m.

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