Election Day is Tuesday in Georgia.

Channel 3 will have team coverage of Georgia's General Primary and Nonpartisan Election.

Precincts across the state will be open until 7:00 pm.

As voters head to the polls, they'll be voting for candidates in several different categories.

Each ballot will also have opinion questions. The questions will depend on the county a person votes in and whether they vote on a republican or democratic ballot.

For example, in Walker County, the Republicans have two questions and the Democrats have four.

In Whitfield County, though, Republicans will have 10 and Democrats only have four.

There are also a wide variety of questions like should Walker County legalize marijuana or should bump stocks be prohibited in Georgia.

Local party members on both sides say these questions can impact legislation but don't agree on how often.

“The legislators need to know how people feel on this. If they overwhelmingly say they approve of this it could have an impact down in Atlanta in the next session with people voting,” Walker County Republican Party Chairman Mike Cameron said.

"I don't think they pay as much attention to a democratic ballot in Georgia as a Republican ballot. But sometimes, they overlap and people on both sides of want the same thing," Walker County Democratic Party Treasurer Julia Sexton said. "I think when both sides do want the same thing, I think it does have an impact."

Party leaders told Channel 3 they look at hot-button issues on current events when deciding on questions.

The ballot will also have races for governor, U.S. Congress and state legislature.

The governor race is one to look out for. The candidates running include:


  • Casey Cagle
  • Brian Kemp
  • Clay Tippins
  • Michael Williams
  • Hunter Hill


  • Stacey Abrams
  • Stacey Evans


  • Ted Metz

Also, in Dade County, voters will vote on a Transportation Sales Tax, or TSPLOST. If approved, the money would go toward a new I-59 exit north of Trenton, along with paving roads and sidewalks.

Runoff elections, if necessary, will be held on July 24.

The winners of Tuesday's primaries will advance to the general election on November 6.