Monday night of 2018 Riverbend sees the music festival move to MLK Boulevard for the annual Bessie Smith Strut. Instead of five stages, musicians will perform at two stages - Bessie Smith Hall and Trestle Stage.

At Bessie Smith Hall, Drew Sterchi & Blues Tribe will perform at 5:30pm. Deacon Bluz & The Holysmoke Band will take the stage at 7:00pm, and then Christone Kingfish Ingram will go on at 9:00pm.

Over at the Trestle Stage, three-piece band Charles Walker Band will take the stage at 6pm, having performed the night before at Unum Stage. Afterward, Rick Rushing & The Blues Strangers will start performing at 7:30pm.

Several of the bands have played the Bessie Smith Strut before. Drew Sterchi & Blues Tribe performed there in 2013. Deacon Bluz & The Holysmoke Band, around since 1997, performed there in 2015.