From weather to robotics there was something for all of the 3,000 students at the STEM Jubilee on Wednesday and Thursday. STEM School Chattanooga hosted and organized the event. Principal Tony Donen wants children to have fun connecting their classroom lessons to the world around them.

"Seeing hands on, getting your hands dirty, playing with stuff, seeing how that related to what you're doing and going, hey, STEM is cool," says Donen.

STEM stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math". Donen wants to get students interested in these subjects starting at a young age, which is why he sent invitations to all Hamilton County elementary schools.

"We want to bring STEM to as many students as possible, to the 45,000 students in the Hamilton County Schools," adds Donen.

Aubrey, Kailey, and Rebekah are best friends at Daisy Elementary school and love learning together.    

"We're not having a good time. We're having an amazing time," exclaimed Kailey. "We separated the mixture at the treasure hunt. We also went to the Aquarium thing about plankton," said Kailey and Aubrey.

First Tennessee sponsored the free event. Partners including the Tennessee Aquarium, Creative Discovery Museum, and Hunter Museum of art set up some of the activities. STEM School students themselves set up some of the activities. Sophomores Angelica Ramirez and Deacon Murphy say they love seeing the children discover new things.

"I wonder what STEM School is about. They'll start to see that. They'll start to be interested in our school and how we're doing stuff," says Ramirez.

"If we get out there and show them that it's really fun, I think that's really important. It shows that all those boring subjects they're learning now are actually pretty fun," says Murphy.

The award-winning STEM School Chattanooga is located on the Chatt State campus. It's a magnet school that includes 9th through 12th grades.