As we head into the summer months, more job openings are popping up throughout the Tennessee Valley. 

The new Chick-Fil-A in East Ridge is scheduled to open Thursday morning, and managers there are still looking to add to their team. Franchise owner Heath Kyle says they interviewed about 500 people out of the 900 that applied. So far, 85 people were hired. He says the majority of those that applied are either in high school or college. 

"You probably got 20% that it may be the very first job that they’ve had," says Kyle. 

Kyle credits the summer for younger applicants, but he says he's looking for a group to stick around long-term. 

"It takes them several months to learn the ins and outs of what they need to know so when I hire people I really hire people to make a commitment beyond the summertime," says Kyle. 

Food City HR Specialist, Sherrell Lyon agrees. 

The grocery chain held it's first company-wide job fair this week. Lyon says bringing on new team members for the summer help out a lot.

"Summer jobs are very important to us just as they are for the students. We have a lot of people that take vacations in the summer so you need additional staff to take care of that," says Lyon. 

But he says the economy and low employment rate has big impact on the amount of applications they get for job openings. 

"There’s not a tremendous amount of people looking for jobs so you have to think outside of the box you have to be creative use different types of media to attract these folks." 

For more information on how to apply at Chick-Fil-A, click here. To apply at Food City, click here