It was quite the party at Battlefield Primary School in Fort Oglethorpe as students and faculty celebrated a big finish to their last community service project of the year by donating nearly 7,000 bottles of water to local police, firefighters and paramedics.

"Next year we're going to be having an SRO here and at our sister school, Battlefield Elementary and this is a great segue to that to get them to learn who the police officers are," Principal Geoff Rhodes said.

It's one way communities across the nation are coming together to say thank you to police officers.

Just over the state line in Chattanooga, another group is busy packing 500 bags with supplies officers need on the job.

"Bottled water. The officers often use little note pads to take notes when they're out on calls, so we have that for them," organizer, Christine Orsburn said.

As the wife of a Chattanooga police officer, Orsburn knows what they need and said seeing the community's response to the project was heart-warming.

"I think just stopping and taking a minute, especially with all the negative press that they get, just stopping and thinking what it is they do have to go through, what they're faced with everyday and things they're faced with that we will probably never hear about," she added.

Orsburn said the group plans on doing the event again next year.

Battlefield Primary School is collecting bottled water through the end of the week if you would like to drop off a donation.