UPDATE: There were some tense moments in downtown Chattanooga Tuesday morning. Police closed part of Market Street to investigate a suspicious package.

The street in the heart of downtown came to a standstill this morning when someone noticed something out of place.

"A county employee from the courthouse was out on a break and saw a package which turned out to be a metal briefcase," Lt. Austin Garrett, of the Chattanooga Police Department, said.

The briefcase was found at the police memorial on the 600 block of Market Street, which is also right next to the county courthouse and several banks. The scare caused evacuations of some businesses while the bomb squad investigated.

"They came out x-rayed it and deemed it safe. Once we got into it, it was some assorted wires tools, a voltage meter just random things,” Lt. Garrett said.

Between the location and it being National Police Week, authorities say they weren't going to take any chances.

"Our local ceremony is on Thursday it's right next to the courthouse so officers intuition and an abundance of caution for neighboring businesses and things like that we'd rather be safe,” Lt. Garrett said.
Market Street was closed in the area for about an hour until officers deemed there was no threat to the community.
Police have not said if they are looking for the person who left the package.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police have given the all clear after a suspicious package was found at the police memorial.

According to CPD, an employee from a nearby business noticed an unattended briefcase by the police memorial. 

CPD reminds everyone that if you see something, you should say something.

PREVIOUS STORY: Market St between 6th Street and 7th Street is closed while Chattanooga Police investigate a suspicious package.

In a tweet, CPD said the suspicious package is located at the police memorial.

Regions Bank and the courthouse closest to the memorial are being evacuated.

Channel 3 has a crew headed to the scene.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.