Outdoor playtime was cut short today at the Primrose School in East Brainerd. Temperatures were in the 80s before noon, heading toward record-breaking lower 90s. Executive Director Julie Sexton wanted to make sure the children didn't get burned when touching the playground equipment.

"We break their outside time into smaller increments and do 10 minutes or 15 minutes as opposed to a full half hour," Sexton said.

The staff used a temperature gun and touch test to see how hot the equipment was and had plenty of water for the children to drink. The kids are also encouraged to find shade. If it's too hot outside, Sexton said there's plenty for the children to do indoors.

"We love to have dance parties, but we've set up obstacle courses. We have a parachute. We have tunnels," Sexton explained. "Different things that they can do."

Also, on hot days, most play time is in the relatively cooler morning hours.

Older kids, especially athletes, have to be careful too. Central High Head Football Coach Curt Jones says even though he held spring practice today, he treated it like a summer practice.

"At every drill station today, we'll have extra water bottles set aside so the kids can get water at any time that they need it. We'll have a break every 10 to 15 minutes," Jones said.

He tells the players to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and avoid sugary drinks.

"It's something that we recommend they start on two days ahead of time to make sure they're not behind in the hydration game," Jones added.

If the heat becomes too much for them to handle, Jones said he won't push the team too hard.

"If we have to cut something a little short, there's nothing wrong with that," Jones.

After school is out for the year, some practices will be held in the morning during the relatively cooler hours of the day.