The state is taking steps to ensure that standardized testing runs more smoothly in the next school year.

Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen and Governor Bill Haslam held a press conference Monday to talk about the successes and failures of the 2018 TNReady testing.

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Thousands of students took the spring TNReady test online. But it included a handful of bumps in the road that teachers, parents and superintendents said distracted from this year's testing.

There was an apparent hacking, connectivity issues and a dump truck that severed a fiber optics line. All of the problems led state lawmakers to pass legislation to keep this year's TNReady tests from counting against students, teachers and schools after days of technical difficulties.

At this point, the state will continue to work with the vendor that administered this year's TNReady tests, Questar, but they are currently in a review period with the company.

Questar has agreed to allow a third party to come in and review its technology and do a stress test on its network to ensure it can handle the job.

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