The high temperatures didn't keep people from enjoying the outdoors this Mother’s Day.

The mornings are peaceful at Coolidge Park, with people walking and kids playing. Angela Maurer is visiting her friend in Chattanooga and was enjoying a walk across the bridge.

"We decided to come out and take a nice little walk this morning,” Maurer explained, “It's a beautiful morning!" But this weekend at Coolidge Park is anything but cool.

“Oh my gosh! Hot!” Maurer exclaimed. “It's like we skipped spring altogether, and here we are in the middle of summer."

Temperatures this weekend are more like what we usually see in Chattanooga in July.

Sunday marks the third day in a row in the 90's. The normal average for May 13 is 79 degrees, nearly 11 degrees cooler.

Maurer said she's prepared for the heat, "I just wear a lightweight shirt, put sunblock on and carry water."

The CDC also recommends grabbing a hat and making sure you drink water before you are thirsty to avoid heat exhaustion.

And make sure you find shade when you can.

"We usually start out our morning pretty early so we can get out before it gets too hot, and then we just try to get into some of the shady areas as the day progresses," Maurer said.

Maurer and her friend won't let the heat stop them from sight-seeing, and plenty of other people were out and about to enjoy the day too.