Several Alton Park community members held a march to stop the violence in their neighborhood.

This comes after a deadly shooting near West 38th Street and Central Avenue last week.

Many of the parents who participated in Saturday's march have lost a child to violence.

The community says it's time not just to speak up but to step up.

Families are coming together in hopes of ending senseless violence in their community.

“We didn't use to be doing a lot of this stuff with hurting each other,” Toriq Johnson Sr. said. “So this was brought on my heart to come together and get my community back together because it takes unity.”

Four mothers in the group lost a child to violence and they say it takes a village to keep children from going down the wrong path.

Sarita Burch lost her son about five years ago to gun violence. She says her son was a member of a gang.

“I wasn't condoning him to be affiliated with the gang just because our kids happen to make some wrong decisions that do not make them bad children,” Sarita Burch said.

Darrius Sneed is participating in this march to send a message to young kids.

He says he was once a member of a gang but decided to turn his life around for his family.

“I have little cousins who look up to me and idealize and glorify this and I'm here to stop them and let them know this is not what's up,” Darrius Sneed said.

Many of these community members said children need more resources to give them a positive outlet.

“If we had boys clubs, girls club, game rooms where those kids can actually go to,” Sneed said. “They don't have to be out here they don't have to join gangs.”

Organizers of this event said they want to have an event every weekend for the community to come together and speak out against violence.