Police Departments in major cities, including New York and Washington D.C., are seeing a trend in yoga studio thefts. It seems the trend may have made its way to Chattanooga.

Two local yoga studios reported merchandise and clients' personal belongings stolen over the weekend.

Surveillance video captured two women entering Southern Soul Yoga in Chattanooga on Sunday. The images are being circulated on social media. According to the Chattanooga Police Department, the women took clothing, credit cards and a watch.

Police say multiple credit cards were also stolen from a purse left unattended in a locker room at Yoga Landing. The charges equaled to $1,440.97 over three purchases to two different stores. Officers say they have no suspect description in that incident.

Yoga East says a similar situation happened there and this is the second time in recent weeks.

An employee tells Channel 3 one woman pretended to be interested in classes to distract workers while the other woman attempted to go through clients’ personal belongings.

The studio says an employee recognized what was happening and the women didn’t get away with any items.

Yoga East is asking clients to bring their personal belongings into the studio during classes.