One woman was in Chattanooga when she found out her godson was inside the Nashville Waffle House during the terrifying moments a gunman opened fire.

Chantay Walker-Dillard said she is relieved and thankful to know the shooter was caught Monday.

She was in a Chattanooga Cracker Barrel when she found out her godson and his best friend were inside of the Waffle House.

She said her godson, Brennan McMurry, pulled people into a bathroom for cover and tried to keep them calm. His best friend is the man who stopped the shooter.

She said she is proud of the two young men for helping everyone they could.

"They risked their lives to not only save their lives but the lives of others. I'm the happiest person on earth but I’m also the most thankful person because of the fact they are still with us today,” Chantay said, “But my heart is literally bleeding because of the fact there were 4 individuals killed."

Chantay said the family will lean on their faith moving forward.

She also says there needs to be stricter gun control laws in place.