A man and his daughter were sitting on this couch Sunday night when they heard cracking noises, he then leaned over to shield his daughter, when a tree came bursting through the window.

“I had my eyes closed I heard her screaming daddy what's going on? I just heard this stuff explode,” John Evans said.

Evans and his daughter were on the couch watching movies when they heard something above them.

"It kinda happened in slow motion, I could hear something dragging across the roof or hitting the roof and I had an idea of what was happening,” he described.

Strong winds and heavy rain uprooted and knocked down a large oak tree.

"I think the ground is just so wet, that it didn't take a lot to bring it over,” he said.

The main trunk of the tree narrowly missed the home, but his car was crushed and large branches fell on the roof, and limbs shattered his living room window.

"There’s one big piece of framing here, there's another one right there and one back towards the kitchen, it was a pretty big impact,” Evans said.

Evans and his daughter are understandably shaken up but he says it's a close call that could've been much worse.

"I kind of had an inclining what was happening and I didn't know which way to go so I just covered her up on the couch,” he said.

A fatherly instinct to protect the most important person in his life.

"You know she's more important than I am I guess,” Evans said.

The resident said he does have renters insurance and is working with his landlord to figure out what his next move is.

Evans said when he told his employer, KIA of Chattanooga, what happened they offered to loan him a car for as long as he needs it.