Minor flooding made for a tough commute for some drivers in Lookout Valley Monday morning.

Drivers struggled to make it through Cummings Highway to reach I-24.

Don Decker was trying to get to his second job when he was forced to turn around because floodwaters were too deep.

"I work third shift at the hotel, and this area is usually pretty bad when it rains, but this is particularly bad," Decker said.

Decker said his only option is to wait until the water recedes because an alternate route was just as bad.

"The other road to my house has a power line down and it's been two hours, so there's no way to access this side of town," he added.

Other drivers took a different approach.

We caught Tim Brewster driving his truck through the flooded highway after working an overnight shift in Alabama.

"I've got a beast of a truck here, it'll make it," Brewster said. "I've done it in deeper."

Anyone living nearby is familiar with this trouble spot.

We wanted to know if a fix is in sight.

A spokesperson for TDOT said the ongoing issue stems from a drainage problem with a nearby creek and engineers are working to find a permanent fix.

An important note, first responders advise you to never drive through flood waters.