It didn't take long to figure out that Coach Pruitt wasn't in a very good mood following the Vols' Orange and White game Saturday. 

The Orange team, which was the first team offense, dominated the White team 34-7. Other than the score, the biggest statistical difference was that the Orange team rushed for 134 yards, while the White team rushed for 14. 

The stats, however, wasn't what frustrated the first-year head coach.

Pruitt was upset because he felt a handful of his players had quit and given up by the time the game was over, which he made very clear is not going to fly come summer time. 

"Some guys went out there and competed and tried to play to the best of their ability, and we had some guys that ain't what they did" said Pruitt. "After 15 days, to me that's very disappointing. Some of these guys that don't want to do and don't want to do it right all the time are going to be watching." 

The team wasn't the only group coach Pruitt was disappointed in Saturday.

Pruitt called out the Big Orange fan base for a half empty stadium for the spring game.

The official attendance was 65,098 for the game, which is actually the third-largest announced crowd in the history of Tennessee's spring game.

Pruitt though was still not satisfied with the turn out. 

"To me, it's kind of like our football team for the fans," Pruitt said. "The ones that were here, I'm proud they're here. They're fired up, ready to get going. And then there were some people that weren't here, they had legitimate reasons they couldn't be here. Then, the no-shows. Then there were some people that weren't here."