A half million dollars will go towards school resource officers at Hamilton County schools. Currently 29 out of the 79 Hamilton County schools have SRO's on campus. The money will come from the proposed $385-million school budget for next year.

It will be up to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office to decide how many positions will be created and at which schools they will be stationed. The administration at Orchard Knob Elementary School hopes they're on the list.

Principal LaFederick Thirkill is confident when students are at Orchard Knob Elementary School, they're safe.

“We have secure doors, we have cameras within the school, and cameras that show the campus of the school.”

But he believes adding a school resource officer, will better serve his students.

“To have an SRO in the building to communicate with will undoubtedly help them feel safer.”

His school is one of the fifty schools in Hamilton County without an armed officer on campus.

“Place more SRO in schools, I just think that it is one of the ways we can make schools safer, and also a better choice in my opinion, than arming teachers.”

With the school board allotting $500,000 for additional school safety measures, Thirkill is ready for extra security.

“Dr. Johnson's desire is to make all schools safe, and to equip as many schools with SROs as possible. I hope that down the line we will get one.”

Superintendent Dr. Johnson will present the $385-million budget to the county commission on May 8. It will be up to them to approve it.