Beginning in 2020, it will cost more to visit Point Park.

According to the National Park Service, visitors 16 and over will have to pay $10 to visit the park beginning January 1, 2020.

Currently, it costs $7 to purchase a 7-day park pass.

Each $10 admission will give a person access to the park for 7 days. Park visitors will also be able to purchase an annual pass for $35.

The money collected from entrance fees remains within the National Park Service.

“Park entrance fees are a vital part of our overall strategy to fund infrastructure repairs and improve the experience for all park visitors,” stated Superintendent Brad Bennett. “With additional investments from annual project funding and philanthropic support from park partners, we are committed to preserving this special place for future generations.”

At Point Park, an NPS spokesperson explained, the funds will go towards reducing the park’s deferred maintenance backlog on visitor centers, cultural landscapes, historic monuments, and more than 80 miles of trails

Visitors can visit Point Park for free on fee-free days. Three of these days remain in 2018:

  • Saturday, April 21
  • Saturday, September 22
  • Sunday, November 11