According to last year's NFL stats, there were more diagnosed concussions in 2017 than in any other season since the league started collecting data five years ago. As a result, the NFL has been trying to find ways to improve player safety, including the first ever helmet ban.

A recent study done by Biokinetics, an independent helmet testing laboratory, tested 34 different helmet models. The study revealed which helmets best reduced head impact severity in the lab conditions. Based on the lab results, the NFL and the NFL Players Association banned the ten lowest performing helmets.

Several of the models are no longer being manufactured, but the new ban could change the game at the high school level as well.

"Their research is on the cutting edge" says CCS head football coach Mark Mariakis. "So when we see they come out with helmets that are banned from the NFL, high school coaches will have to look at that. Fortunately for us we're not in them, and we wear approved helmets that are safe. But across the country coaches will have to look at that, because all coaches want their kids to be safe."

Below is a list of the ten helmet models prohibited by the NFL:

  1. SG Varsity
  2. SG 2.0
  3. Schutt Vengeance Z10
  4. Schutt Air XP Pro
  5. Schutt Air XP
  6. Riddell VSR-4
  7. Rawlings Quantum
  8. Rawlings Impulse
  9. Rawlings Impulse+
  10. Rawlings Tachyon