An elderly north Georgia woman is looking for a home after deputies said a drunk driver crashed into it.

Her family contacted Channel 3 because they said not much is left over from her homeowner's insurance.

Deputies said a driver swerved off the road, went over a pile of mulch and then slammed into a mobile home on Center Grove Road totaling it. It's left 93-year-old Wilma Faust without a place to call her own.

"Scared to death. I thought it was an earthquake and I haven't been the same since," Wilma Faust from Rock Spring said.

The day a car barreled into her home in February keeps replaying for Faust. The crash caused structural damage and forced her to move out.

She's been switching between staying at a hotel and living with family members.

"I just want a good place to lay my head down at night. I love this little trailer," Faust said.

The independent 93-year-old spent many hours in her yard and sitting on the porch with her dog, Rusty.

Her insurance company claims her mobile home is totaled.

They sent Faust a check for around $36,000, which would pay off the mobile home and leave her with possibly a couple thousand dollars. That plus a fixed income won't get her far.

"I'm getting beat everywhere we turn," Faust said.

That's why her family contacted Channel 3 to find out what can be done.

A spokeswoman for the insurance company told us the case has been handled appropriately.

Faust said the driver, Tristan Mann, who damaged her home apologized. He could not be reached for comment.

By sharing her story, Faust hopes someone will reach out and help.

"I hope so. I sure hope so," Faust said.

While Faust is figuring out what to do next, family members are trying to pool money together to buy her a new home, but that may not be enough.