Six people have been charged on federal indictments following a two-year investigation.

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department, the six individuals were indicted on charges of illegal possession and distribution of controlled substances.

In 2016, deputies with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit received information regarding the trafficking of meth into Cherokee County. The drugs were coming from the Atlanta area.

"During the course of the investigation Detectives conducted numerous hours of surveillance, undercover purchases of Methamphetamine, multiple interviews and traffic stops resulting in multiple seizures of Methamphetamine," a sheriff's office spokesperson said.

During the investigation, it was discovered that an inmate in the Georgia Department of Corrections was the contact for the source of meth.

A joint investigation with agents from the Georgia Department of Corrections, the GBI, FBI, DEA, the US Attorney's Office and detectives from the Cherokee County Narcotics Unit led to six federal indictments.

The indictments were issued for Conspiracy to Sell and Deliver Methamphetamine and for the Sale and Delivery of Methamphetamine.

The six individuals indicted were:

  • Glen McTaggart (confined Georgia Prison)
  • Dale Hamilton Dutto (confined Georgia Prison)
  • Isaac Daniel Hughes (not yet arrested)
  • Carla Blair Lloyd (currently being held)
  • Candice Brooke Cole (currently being held)
  • James Donald Taylor (currently being held)

Federal detainers have been issued for McTaggart and Dutto.

Taylor and Cole are being held at the Cherokee County Detention Center. Federal detainers have been issued for them as well.

Lloyd was taken into federal custody. He is also being held in the Cherokee County Detention Center for US Marshals.

Hughes is still on the run. Call 911 immediately if you see him.

To report suspicious activity and suspect violations of the law please call 828-837-3144 or submit a tip via email