The boyfriend of an East Ridge woman who was brutally murdered said his girlfriend will be remembered for having a big smile and a heart to match.

Police said Vi Lawhorn and Avery Gaines were shot and killed by Vi's son, Casey Lawhorn. The 23-year-old admitted to shooting them. Then drove to Mississippi and committed suicide. 

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Chad Lawhorn said his brother called 911 early Sunday morning confessing to killing his mom and best friend. Police were on the phone with Casey for 45 minutes trying to convince him not to harm himself. Casey tried to slow police down by lying about the direction he was headed and the car he was driving. 

“We did everything together," Wes Robertson said. "Anytime we were not at work, we were doing something.”

Wes Robertson met the love of his life two years ago at a Roughwork concert. The same band Vi Lawhorn went to see the night before she was killed.

“She was like my right hand. It's a big loss. It is horrible,” Robertson said. 

Robertson said Lawhorn was always in a good mood, the only thing she loved more than smiling,  was being a mother.

“Oh, she loved Casey very much," Robertson explained. "She would have done anything for that boy. I don't care what he did, she would have been right there for him.” 

Robertson said he tried being a father-like figure to Casey. He attempted to get him an apartment and encouraged him to apply for jobs, but said Casey never wanted his advice.

“He was a very difficult person to even communicate with," Robertson said. "I think he probably said six words to me in the last three months. He was one of these people who walk around with his head down, and would only speak to you if spoken to.” 

Family members tell Channel 3 Casey had struggled with suicidal thoughts since he had gone to college in the fall of 2013. Robertson said he recently learned Casey was skipping his counseling appointments.

“He quit taking his medication," he explained. "I don't know whether that was a financial thing, or whether he just decided to stop, ya know?” 

Robertson said he wants to be angry with Casey, but would rather focus his energy on remembering the life and legacy of the woman who meant so much to him.

“I don't know what else I can say other than she was a beautiful, sweet, wonderful person," Robertson added. "Everybody loved her.” 

Family members say Casey was involved with drugs. Although they knew he was suicidal,  they never believed he was a violent person.