UPDATE: So far, 7,076 people have voted early in Hamilton County as of Wednesday's totals. 

That number amounts to 3.7% of registered voters in the county. There are 192,669 people registered to vote in Hamilton County.
The last day to vote early is Thursday. Locations and hours of early voting locations are below.

PREVIOUS STORY:  Early voting began Wednesday for county primaries in Tennessee.

In Hamilton County, there are some big seats up for grabs, but before you head to the polls. You’ll want to take note of some changes.

"Normally, we go to the Red Bank one, but the last year, we went to the one behind the mall,” one voter said.

This year, voters in two areas noticed a change. For the first time, early voting began at the Hixson Community Center. You may remember the facility used to be Hixson Middle School. It’s one of two new locations for this year's Hamilton County primary election.

In addition, polling sites at Northgate and the Eastwood Baptist Church have moved. Kerry Steelman with the Election Commission said they made the changes because of more space and parking was needed, as well as an area where people could campaign.

"Extensive signage and long lines and parking really was big conducive to that type of business, and we really prefer to be in public facilities,” Steelman explained.

Some agree, that all the campaign signs did not coincide well at the mall. Plus, there just wasn't enough space.

"That’s a smaller place, so the queue goes all the way outside, so let's see how the community center is, it's bigger,” one voter explained.

The Brainerd Rec Center and the election commission will stay at their same locations.

Steelman only expects about 10 percent of registered voters participate in early voting. Regardless, if it's 10 percent or 100 percent, Steelman said if you take advantage of the early voting window, you now have more options.

"They’re able to have their choice at which site they want to vote. Any voter, in any precinct, can go to any site whereas election day you are required to show up at the precinct where you're registered to vote,” he said.

You’ll want to pay attention to the hours of operation for each polling site. The Hamilton County Election Commission opens at 8 am, while the other satellite offices don't open until 10 am.

You’ll need to bring a government-issued photo id, such as a driver's license, and your voter registration card is helpful as well.

PREVIOUS STORY: Early voting in Tennessee begins Wednesday, April 11 and runs through Thursday April 26. In Hamilton County, some early voting locations have changed from the last election.

You'll need to bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license and your Voter Registration Card would be helpful as well.



In Bradley County, early voting locations are open Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am - 4:00pm.