Friends of Vi Lawhorn gathered at her favorite sports bar Monday night to remember her life and legacy. 

She was shot and killed by her son, Casey Lawhorn, over the weekend.  He also killed his friend Avery Gaines and later, himself.  

The ladies Channel 3 spoke with were overwhelmed with emotions. They said Lawhorn will be missed.

“I just spent the whole day trying to remind myself to breathe,” Angie Metivier said.

“I just have to remember that I'm going to see her again one day,” Erika Johnson said.

More than 30 of Vi Lawhorn's friends met at Bud's Sports Bar to recall their best memories of Vi Lawhorn.

“She was a great person. She had a huge heart. She was [a] great mother. She was a great friend; you count on her for anything,” Johnson said.

“She was a little cricket. She always had a smile on her face. She always had kind words, and I don't think I ever, ever heard Vi say a negative word about anybody,” Metivier said.

Erika Johnson was with Lawhorn the night she was murdered. Johnson said she saw no signs that anything was wrong between Vi Lawhorn and her son Casey.

“It's just sad the way it all turned out," Johnson added. "[I'll] never make sense of it. They weren't arguing. There was nothing, I don't know what happened." 

Johnson says the two spent Saturday night talking about their upcoming vacation. Angie, Erika and Vi were getting ready for their annual girls trip to Panama City Beach.

“We call ourselves the three musketeers a lot on trips, and like, Angie said sometimes 'The Three Stooges,'” Johnson continued. “It just depends on how much mischief we get into.”

The friends said Vi was not drunk Saturday night.  And they said she loved both of her sons.

These friends have made a pact to look out for Lawhorn's other son, Chad.

“We'll be there to help him in whatever he needs," Johnson explained. "He's not alone. She would want us to do that, and we definitely accept the job, that responsibility. We gladly take that on."

Bud's Sports Bar says they may have a benefit for Vi Lawhorn soon to help with any of the family's expenses.