We're learning more about what led to a Chattanooga truck driver's arrest after police say he drove over a fire hose. 

It happened around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon while firefighters were working a fire at Shooter's Depot on Shallowford Road. 

"He could feel the truck jolting as he drove over the hose," Chattanooga Fire Chief Phillip Hyman said as he described the moment firefighters witnessed a Kenco Group truck driver drive over their water line. 

"It appears that he just wasn't paying attention. We had most of the roads blocked but he cut through and made sure he got where he wanted to go. We see this time and time again," he added. 

A police officer chased the truck down and charged the driver, Joel Dawson, with reckless endangerment and crossing a fire hose. 

"We ended up having to throw it away and we'll get reimburse[d] for that. As a precaution, we get everything else checked out. We check out the fire pumps, and we sent it immediately to the shop to have it inspected to make sure it didn't damage anything internal within the workings of the pump," Hyman said. 

Hyman said driving over a line can damage the hose, the pump in the fire truck and the main in the ground. 

It can also put the lives of firefighters at risk. 

"When they take hand lines into a structure, that's what keeps them from getting burned. It cools the environment off and that water supply is their lifeline just like the lifeline of air that they wear on their back to breath through the smoke, the water is the lifeline to keep them from getting burned," Hyman said.

Dawson's attorney tells Channel 3 that Dawson mistakenly drove over the line, is cooperating with police, and plans to dispute the charges in court. 

Kenco Group, the company Dawson drives for, released this statement: 

"Safety is the utmost importance to us. We take every incident incredibly seriously. Our sense of responsibility extends to the communities we operate and work in and particularly in Chattanooga because it is our hometown."