Lawmakers are nearing the end of a busy legislative session in Nashville. 

Several bills are moving forward through committees, while others are dead for the year. 

Moving forward in the Tennessee legislature: 

A move to allow liquor sales on Sunday - A Senate finance committee passed the proposal that would allow for liquor to be sold between 10:00am and 11:00pm on Sundays. It would also allow liquor sales on certain holidays if the local government approves. 

A bill to do away with vehicle emissions testing cleared another hurdle - If it passes, it would be the end of the mandatory tests in six counties.  It now heads to the Finance Ways and Means Committee. 

Tennessee lawmakers have passed a bill to require public schools to prominently display the national motto, "In God We Trust" - It would take effect immediately if Republican Governor Bill Haslam signs it. The measure requires schools to display the motto in a prominent location either as a plaque, artwork or in some other form. 

Seat belts on school buses are one step closer to becoming a reality across the state of Tennessee - The proposal has been placed behind Governor Haslam's proposed budget. Hearings for budget approval started this week. 

Bills that are dead for the year in Tennessee include medical marijuana, arming teachers and banning bump stocks. 

In Tennessee, legislative sessions generally last until late April or May of each year.