Public school teachers in Tennessee will not be able to carry guns on campus. The bill to arm Tennessee teachers failed Tuesday.  

Graham Shults is a tenth grade student in Chattanooga, she is demanding action for stricter gun control laws.

She traveled to Nashville to ask state lawmakers to say no to house bill 2208 Monday.

"We were all like yes this is finally happened!” she said of learning the bill failed, “It felt like we had made the difference that we wanted to."

The bill would have allowed elementary, middle, and high school teachers to carry guns on some Tennessee campuses, but it failed.

The day before it failed, Shults and her friends took hundreds of letters and post cards to the capitol urging lawmakers to vote against the bill.

At 16 years old, she can't vote yet. But said her voice is as important as those who can vote.

"It's so important. We're the future,” urged Shults, “We are the future voters. We are going to make a difference in this world. Listening to us, it effects your campaign in the future."

She believes going to the capitol influenced law makers.

Shults wants state leaders to know, she and her friends will continue to push for change, "we're not going to stop. You might think if you listen to us, and you smile and nod, and you say ‘yeah okay we hear you,’ but you don't do anything… We're not stopping."

Chattanooga Students Leading Change is planning a town hall event with state legislatures to discuss gun control. They are also planning to take a trip to the Washington D.C.

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