The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is informing citizens of two scams making their way through the area. They say they've already received several reports.

In the first scam, the suspects are calling individuals pretending to be a bail bondsman, telling the individuals that they owe them a certain amount of money and that if they don’t pay they will be arrested and sent to jail.  The scammers are also looking at jail rosters and calling potential victims that just got out of jail.

The second scam involves a call stating that "you have won a sweepstakes contest" prompting you to send a money order or another form of money in order to for them to send you the money that you have "won."

The scammers are said to be very persistent in asking you sending them the money, sometimes to a foreign address. 

The Sheriff's Office urges citizens to be aware of these most common kinds of scams and to remember not to give any personal information to anyone over the phone or send money to someone that you do not know.