UPDATE: Chattanooga Police are trying to find a motive for the city's fifth homicide of the year. Monday night, police arrested Billy Forte. They said he shot and killed his son 47-year-old Charles Forte at the Eaves Formal Wear Warehouse near Amnicola Highway.

A witness who was working with the victim said 66-year-old Billy Forte came to the business and had a brief conversation with his son. He said Billy Forte went outside and returned about a minute later with a shotgun. 

“We were on cloud 9. Great opening day, lot of cars showed up. Went home happy. Then heard about that later,” said co-owner of Quick Everett’s Garage Perry Freeman.

Forty feet from their body shop, the crew at Quick Everett's Garage is still trying to understand what happened at a nearby business.

“A little bit of noise coming from next door, didn't think anything about it. That was about it. We ended up getting home last night and seeing some stuff went down right next to our brand new shop that we just opened,” said co-owner Harold Everett.

A witness told police Billy Forte shot his son twice inside the Eaves Warehouse, once in the head. The other time as he laid motionless on the ground.

“It was a little bothersome at first. Then we realized what really happened. It was a domestic issue. Father and son, got in a scuffle.”

It is still unclear why this happened. The witness told police the victim was never a threat to the shooter.

“Ran into them passing in the parking lot. Nice guys. That's about it,” said Freeman.

Billy Forte admitted to shooting his son, shortly after he was arrested for criminal homicide.

Nearby business owners are thankful this was an isolated incident.

“When you get into work and hear something happened, that was the first thing we all sat out here in the morning. Talked, figured out what really happened. What all went down,” said Everett. 

Billy Forte remains in the Hamilton County Jail on a $750,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 10.

UPDATE:  Chattanooga police have arrested Billy Forte on Tuesday night in the shooting death of Charles Forte. Forte told police that he shot his son Charles with a .410 gauge shotgun, which led to his death.

The firearm was located on the scene and the same weapon that was used to shoot and kill Charles. The shotgun casing found at the scene and a second was found in Billy Forte's pocket.

CPD's investigation in the Creekside Road shooting is ongoing and a motive has not yet to been determined.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police are investigating a deadly shooting Monday evening off of Amnicola Highway.

It happened around 7:30 p.m. at a business warehouse in the 900 block of Creekside Road.

Police say the victim is a 42-year-old man whose name has not been released.

Police have detained one person and say it's unclear if they are the shooting suspect.

Channel 3 has a crew at the scene working to learn the latest.

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