You've heard it before: every online account needs its own password and they should be 15 characters with a mixture of lower-case, upper-case letters, numbers and special symbols.

When you have passwords for Facebook, email, bank and credit cards and the countless other accounts in your name, remembering all of that is impossible. A large number of people struggle so much with remembering passwords they use the same one for every account.

"password123", "123456", and "password" are not only common but if it's used on multiple accounts, all a bad guy has to do is steal to get the mall.

So what are we supposed to do?

A password manager such as 1 Password is the best solution.

Here's how it works:

  • Once you sign up for a 1 Password account, you set a difficult master password. You can make this as difficult to remember as possible since it's the only password you'll need.
  • When you sign into Facebook or email or another account, the 1 Password app will create a difficult password for it. It'll store all of those passwords in a vault.
  • When you need to sign back into Facebook etc, you'll sign into 1 Password and it will show you the new difficult account password.

The app works across devices, and since there is a 1 Password website, you'll be able to log in from any computer. On a smartphone with fingerprint or facial ID, you can log into 1 Password without entering the master passcode.

1 Password is free to manage passwords for a limited number of accounts, or you can pay $36/year to manage passwords for every account. I suggest if you don't want to pay the minimal subscription fee that you at least use 1 Password to protect critical accounts such as bank and credit card accounts, Facebook and any other site where your credit card information is stored.

How secure is 1 Password?

After all, it will have access to all of your passwords. The company says it encrypts passwords three times and that no one will have access to your passwords but you. Not even the company. Cyber-security experts give it high marks as well.