The Dalton Police Department is asking for help identifying a man who took a cash-filled envelope.

The envelope was accidentally dropped at a convenience store by the store's owner.

Surveillance cameras recorded the crime.

The theft happened early Friday morning at the Citgo service station at 1246 North Thornton Avenue.

According to Police, the owner told officers that she had an envelope containing $200 in cash in her back pocket when she was entering the story around 4:20 am.

She realized the envelope was no longer in her pocket while she was inside. She walked outside and asked a man, who had just left the store, if he had picked up an envelope. He said he had not.

The victim told officers she could see the envelope in his hand as he left.

Surveillance video showed the man picking up the envelope and taking it to his car.

He drove off in a gray or silver 4-door passenger car along with a black male. 

The man police are looking for is a white male. He wore a white T-shirt with a black sweater jacket over it and dark pants.

He had dark hair in a fade style haircut, a thick gray beard and neck tattoos.  He is around 5'3" and skinny.

If you recognize this suspect, please contact Officer Eduardo Guerrero at 706-278-9085 ext. 9583. You can also send him an email.