The Cleveland Police Department is talking school safety. This week, Cleveland City School's resource officers participated in a safety summit. It was a chance for them to get together and discuss improvement to the schools.

There are nine schools in the Cleveland City School District. Each school already has an SRO on campus. The main focus of this week's summit: how to keep students safe.           

School safety is on everyone's mind. Even more so for E.L. Ross Elementary School Resource Officer Bobby Ruth.

“Even 10 years ago, we thought about tornado drills or fire drills," SRO Ruth said. "Now we live in the time of where we are doing active shooter drills every year.”

During spring break, the nine SROs got together to collaborate on preparedness just in case the unimaginable happens.

“We can prepare for anything from a tornado drill to a shooter," SRO Ruth explained. "Have these things in place in case something happens, we are prepared for it.”

The group spent several weeks gathering data on their school's population. Mapping school layouts, pre-planning for special needs students and reviewing emergency drills.

“We critiqued each other," SRO Ruth continued. "We would present everything from our school. We would say could you try doing this better, could you try doing that better. Just to make it more safe.”

Each officer came up with recommendations to help improve security strategies at their school. Officer Ruth said this won't be their last meeting, the improvement plans will be reviewed and updated frequently. “We are prepared for any event. We will adapt, and any event that happens in our schools we will take care of it.”

There are two SROs at the high school. Sergeant Ruth said in an ideal world, there would be multiple officers on every Cleveland City Schools campus.