Whitfield County Public Works will soon begin replacing worn out culverts at 8 locations. 

Those corrugated metal pipes carrying rainwater underneath local roads are showing signs of wear, typically through cracked pavement and dips in the road after nearly 40 years of service.

A recent inspection shows that water flowing under Ledford Road and then forced to turn quickly at a right angle and flow under Mt. Pleasant road has swirled and eaten away at the dirt under the asphalt on one side of Ledford, causing a big truck to overturn when it cut the corner too sharply and the back tires fell off the edge.

The repair work will be funded from the 2015 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

In an effort to stretch the remaining penny sales tax funds as far as possible, the county will be taking an innovative approach to replacing the rusted-out and weakened corrugated metal pipes at these eight locations with much stronger reinforced concrete pipes that should last a century or more.

Construction at the eight sites should be completed in 2018,


  • Old Dixie Highway near State Route 3/South Dalton Bypass
  • Bowers Road near Dawnville-Beaverdale Road
  • River Road near Riverdale Road
  • Ledford Road at Mt. Pleasant Road
  • Mt. Olivet Road near Cleveland  Highway
  • Hopewell Road near Creek Road
  • New Hope Church Road near US Express
  • Poplar Springs Road at Crow Valley Road