Harrison residents are uniting to catch a thief, who they believe is targeting their neighborhood. 

Apparently, the thefts have been happening on and off since the beginning of the month. Now, neighbors say they're fed up, offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest of the person responsible.

Chris Moffat has lived on Waconda Point Avenue for six years. He admits he got comfortable living in the neighborhood. 

"There’s one way on and one week off of this point so we all kind of lived out here with the little bit of a false sense of security. "A lot of us you know, we didn't lock our doors at night. I'm just now learning to do so myself," said Moffat. 

That's until Moffat says this man popped up on his home surveillance cameras Sunday night. 

"We’ve got him on video just going through the truck and walking away from the truck. There wasn’t anything of value in the truck so as far as I know he didn’t get anything out of it." 

But the next day, the man came back. 

"You see him at 2:07 a.m. walking towards the truck; 2:08 a.m. walking away from the truck. So he just walked up to a pull the handle it was locked so he walked off," said Moffat. 

Though Moffat isn't missing any valuables, his neighbors aren't so lucky. He says they're missing credit cards, ID's, cash, and sunglasses. 

But that's not all. 

"My other neighbor is missing a 380 pistol and we actually have video of him holding it up like he just won the lottery when he was walking away from the truck," said Moffat. 

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) is investigating. They say four thefts have been reported in the neighborhood so far. 

"There’s only so much they can do, and he has a gun; but, there’s a lot of other things going around town right now that keeps them pretty well tied up I’m sure," said Moffat. "They will get this guy eventually." 

Last year, HCSO responded to 375 car thefts throughout the county. As the temperatures start to warm up they're urging everyone to lock your doors, and never leave any personal items in the car.