Students at one Hamilton County high school got a lesson about choices made behind the wheel. 

This comes at a time when AAA reports an uptick in teenagers being involved in crashes on roadways and ahead of Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April. 

Students at Soddy-Daisy High School got to see the reality of what happens to more than 40,000 people killed on U.S. roadways each year. 

Through a mock crash, students witnessed how police, firefighters and paramedics respond to fatal crashes and the tools they use to save lives. 

The scenario involved several students in two cars who were under the influence. 

They also got to hear the real story from a mom who was hit by an impaired driver and how the crash still impacts her life today. 

Those involved in the mock crash say it's an eye-opening reality. 

"I just realized everything that goes into it," Soddy-Daisy High School Senior Micayla Rowan said. "I mean, I wasn't one of the students that died, but I was still so injured, obviously, and so it was different to see how detrimental it can be when that happens."  

Alley Roach also participated in the crash. She is no longer a student at SDHS and works as a dispatcher for Soddy-Daisy police. 

"The 911 call was really true to what it would be like getting it. I get the 911 calls, and so when I answer, it's 911, what's the location of your emergency? And they're freaking out," she said. 

As students are getting ready for prom and graduation season, those who organized the event hope the images they saw Wednesday will remind them of the consequences of their decisions. 

The Soddy-Daisy Police Department, Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, Hamilton County EMS, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department, Tennessee Highway Safety Office, Hamilton County Emergency Services, Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management, Erlanger Trauma Services Division of Outreach & Prevention, Erlanger LifeForce, AAA- The Auto Club Group, Reduce TN Crashes, Students Against Destructive Decisions, PSC Metals and Chattanooga Towing all teamed up for the mock crash.