UPDATE:  Twenty-one animals were seized from a Soddy Daisy home in a possible during a hoarding and breeding case Tuesday afternoon. 

Humane Education Society (HES) officers took 11 adult dogs, three cats, six puppies and a pig from the home on Wilkes Avenue. It all started with a call from  someone asking HES to check on the condition of the animals. The call came in around 2:30 p.m.

Animal control officers spent about three hours searching through the home. They say the animals were living in unfavorable conditions. 

"They were all living in their own feces and filth and urine as well some of them were doubled up in cages. Some of the dogs were Great Danes, some were Pit mixes and a few Shepherd puppy mixes," said HES Animal Protection Manager, Scarlet Knight. 

Channel 3 was there while officers searched the back of the home. We're told that's where dead dogs were found inside a freezer. It's not clear how many. 

"There were no live animals that we found in freezers; no," said Knight. 

None of the 21 surviving animals were physically hurt, But HES is holding them until an investigation is complete. Eight of the 21 were signed over to HES for adoption. 

"We’ll have to place them on hold and then at that time once they all get in decent shape and get all their vaccinations and things of that nature they will be placed up for adoption," said Knight. 

The animal's owners were cited for neglect. We're told more citations could be filed. 

"We will prosecute. We will be issuing citations and they will have their day in court," said Knight. 

HES says the majority of their cases are solved by concerned citizens calling in to report abuse. The common signs of animal neglect are lots of barking, the smell of feces and urine. If you ever have any concerns, you're asked to call HES at 423-624-5302. 

PREVIOUS STORY: The Chattanooga Humane Educational Society and Hamilton County Sheriff's Office are responding to a case of animal hoarding at a Soddy Daisy home Tuesday afternoon.

It started shortly after 3:00 p.m. in the 1900 block of Wilkes Avenue.

HES Director Bob Citrullo tells Channel 3, his agency has found several animals at the home that are in poor condition.

Citrullo says he expects to have more than a dozen animals seized from the home, including dogs, cats, puppies, and a pig.

Sheriff's deputies are at the scene to assist HES.

Citrullo says the suspect, whose name has not been released, is facing a citation of neglect and possibly more charges once the investigation is finished.

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