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Identifying which plants you should plant during this time of year

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According to planting guides, tropical plants do well in Hamilton County, but Donna Dent says to hold off on planting them for four more weeks.

"Geraniums are good down into the 30s, Sweet Alyssum is good -- you can do things like Snap Dragon, those are going to be fine in this weather. So you have several early options to go out with," says Dent.

Look at a plant's leaves to identify if it's too early to plant. Waxy leaves hold more moisture. If temperatures dip below freezing, plants with waxy leaves are first to freeze and suffer damage.

Dent says customers get impatient, and many rush to plant impatiens.

"They're one of the few that love warm feet. When the temperatures are 50-60 degrees, that's when they're really going to start to flourish," she adds.

Even if we don't have another freeze this spring, Dent says don't be surprised if you see minor damage on even some evergreens in the coming weeks.

"A lot of times, some people think it's an insect issue, but sometimes you will show cold damage on the new growth, that will come out into the spring if there was bud damage done in the winter," states Dent.

Single digit temperatures in January could have caused minor damage. If new growth is brown, give it a week or two and it should turn green.

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