UPDATE: A Bradley County man faces aggravated assault charges involving his own mother. Police say Tyler Keller barricaded himself in a bathroom.  Keller held his mom hostage with a knife to her throat.             

Sheriff Eric Watson said 32-year-old Tyler Keller is no stranger to his department. Court records show last year Keller was arrested for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.

There were scary moments inside a Cleveland home for a grandmother and her two grandsons.

“Had her inside the bathroom, pinned against the wall, with a knife around her throat,” said Sheriff Eric Watson.

He said his department responded to the house on Weatherly Switch Road in Cleveland for a domestic dispute. It quickly escalated to a standoff.

“Keller seems like he has some type of mental issue. We have been out here several times. This is nothing new. I spoke to several neighbors, they are aware of him as well,” said Sheriff Watson.

Keller's nine and 10-year-old boys waited on the front porch, while Keller held his mother hostage inside the bathroom.

“The mother had a cut on her face, as well as her stomach and leg," Sheriff Watson said. "One of the juveniles I seen had been beaten.”

Police negotiated with Keller, before breaking into the bathroom, ending the two-hour standoff.

“This was unique how we knew how to rush into the door, because he was tied up using the restroom himself," Sheriff Watson said. "It gave us an opportunity to rush the door.”

The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. Because two juveniles were involved, the Department of Children's Services was called in to investigate.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: The standoff in the 900 block of Weatherly Switch Road has ended.

The suspect, Tyler Keller, has been arrested. Sheriff Eric Watson said he is unsure of Keller's motive at this time.

Sheriff Watson told Channel 3 that they did negotiate with Keller, who was taken into custody after he was tazed while using the bathroom.

BCSO PIO James Bradford said, "two hostages were safely recovered."

Keller held his mother at knifepoint. She is being treated for cuts she received to her face.

Sheriff Watson said Keller's two young sons were home at the time. One of them was also injured.

The Department of Children's Services has been called in for the two boys.

This is not the first time law enforcement agencies have been called to Keller's home. He has been arrested before. 

Channel 3 will keep you updated as we learn more. 

PREVIOUS STORY: An armed man is barricaded in the 900 block of Weatherly Switch Road in Bradley Co.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office said it is a domestic incident.

Channel 3 has a crew in route. We will keep you updated as we learn more.