It may officially be spring, but winter isn't going quietly, much of the northeast go pummeled by its fourth Nor'easter. Over the last couple of days, some flights at the Chattanooga airport were canceled or delayed.

If you planned on flying north this week, you probably felt like this… "It makes me feel like crying.  I know I’m smiling but it's not fun at all,” one traveler said.

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Some 4,400 flights won't leave the ground this week. The airline tracking website and app Flight Aware said with four back-to-back Nor'easters there's been 10,000 cancellations. This month has been the worst march for cancellations in several years.

"We have been watching a lot of the weather that's been going on and our flight was canceled yesterday and we got on a flight for today and hopefully everything goes on track,” explained Kyle Miller of local moving company Bellhops.

Bellhops is going to New York City with Mayor Andy Berke. Channel 3 caught up with the mayor and the local start up as they waited to take off. They are on a business trip to the New York stock exchange, but it was cut short yesterday because of the winter weather slamming the northeast.

"It's much better to go the day that you wanted to, so that's always an inconvenience but there were flights for the next day out of Chattanooga which was great,” Miller said.

With more winter-like weather ahead, airlines are warning people not to come to the airport and offering rebooking options online.

"We canceled the majority of the flights yesterday. It’s a lot easier for people to rebook from the comfort of their own home,” said Leslie Scott with American Airlines.

It's how Miller and the mayor knew their flight was canceled.

"You can get text messages or email and we got both and there's a tracking system that keeps you up to date whether there's a delay or cancellation,” he explained.

The Bellhops staff and the mayor made is to the Big Apple just fine, but they aren't sure about the flight home.

"I packed clothes to stay longer, just in case we get stuck up there but it doesn't change our itinerary right now,” he said.

If you plan on traveling in the next couple of days airlines want you to check your flight status before you come to the airport and don't forget you can always follow your flight status on our website through our Channel 3 Flight Tracker.

Most airlines are waiving change fees and offering refunds for flights impacted by this storm.