Millions of daily Facebook users have deleted their accounts in light of the news that a company harvested personal information from millions of people.

An account setting on Facebook allows third-party apps to share information.

When you download a new app, it often will ask you if you want to log in through Facebook or create a new account. Logging in with Facebook may be convenient, but it also puts your information at risk, allowing that company and Facebook to share your information with each other.

Coffee shops are a popular place to grab a cup of joe and browse social media, like Facebook. We asked one coffee shop goer how many third-party apps he thinks share his information with Facebook.

"5 to 10?" William Clark guessed. Clark said he's very careful about using Facebook.

So he agreed to let us put that number to the test. We pulled up his Facebook page to look at how many apps he was sharing information with.

It can be tricky to find if you don't know what you're looking for: open Facebook, click on settings, account setting and then open apps, this will show you how many third-party apps are sharing YOUR information.

"It's like they're kind of hiding it from you,” Clark said, “But once you find it, it's pretty easy to delete."

More than 30 apps were sharing Clark’s information. Information like his friends list, where and how often he uses the app, his birthday, photos, videos and various other personal information.

"That is surprising," Clark said. "Kind of scary too."

Once seeing how many apps had his information Clark, like many other people, wanted to know how he could get rid of them.

You can delete each of the apps, choose not to log in to other apps through Facebook, or delete Facebook altogether.

"I just don't even want to mess with this anymore,” Clark urged. “I'm kind of frightened now. I might just log off completely."

If you want to learn how to delete the apps watch the video at the top of the page.

You can learn more about deleting your Facebook account on Facebook's website.