Tennessee's third Distracted Driving Enforcement Bus Tour is set to take place in April.

Between April 2-April 5, local law enforcement agencies will partner with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) and the Tennessee Highway Patrol to crack down on distracted driving.

The state's Drive to Zero mission, that is working to decrease the number of traffic fatalities, is supported by the bus tour.

“Last year, THP provided two large, black and tan buses marked with THP logos to help promote awareness for the initiative,” THSO Director Vic Donoho said. “This year, we’re shifting focus more on the effectiveness of the enforcement efforts. This means utilizing additional passenger vehicles capable of traveling more efficiently on the highways.”

Members of law enforcement will ride around in unmarked cars provided by the THP to look for traffic violations. They will notify ground units, who will make the traffic stop.

“Distracted driving continues to threaten public safety,” Commissioner David W. Purkey of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security said. “This is a high priority issue our department takes very seriously. We are pleased to have grown this initiative to include additional agencies who share our mission to decrease distracted driving crashes in Tennessee.”

According to the Tennessee Integrated Traffic Analysis Network (TITAN), 120 out of the more than 24,000 crashes in Tennessee last year where distracted driving was a contributing factor were fatal.

“We caution all drivers to remain focused and alert at all times,” said THP Colonel Tracy Trott. “Tennessee is experiencing rapid increases in roadway use, roadway construction, and traffic congestion. The slightest distraction could lead to a traffic crash that kills a pedestrian, construction worker, or another driver.”