Students of the former Dalton High School teacher accused of firing a shot inside a classroom marched to show their support for him Saturday.

Randal Davidson faces several charges including aggravated assault. He is currently out on bond and required to wear an ankle monitor.

Dozens of students say Randal Davidson is a good man. They marched as a way to spread awareness about mental health.

At least 50 students gathered at Dalton High School to support their teacher.

Organizer Albert Adhya graduated from Dalton High School in 2015. He says this march is to show Davidson that members of the community back him 100 percent.

“It was a mistake that we want him to recover from; we are supposed to learn from mistakes,” Albert Adhya said.

Jessica Jaconetti, a senior at Dalton High, was among those standing with Davidson through this march.

She describes the type of teacher Davidson was to her and her younger sister.

“He was a role model, and I've been through a lot of things that no one was capable of helping me through at the time,” Jessica Jaconetti said.

Jaconetti says she was terrified when she heard the gunshot fired was by Davidson.

She says she knows Davidson should not have brought the gun to school, but she's confident he did not mean to hurt anyone.

“You shouldn't judge somebody if you don't know what they're going through, and just because he snapped doesn't mean that you should not stand with him,” Jaconetti said.

Many of the students carried signs fighting against the stigma of mental illnesses. The students wanted to send a message that mental health matters.

“We feel it doesn't get enough attention; it doesn't get enough funding, and the stigma behind it is horrible,” Adhya said.

The march ended at the Whitfield County Courthouse where students spoke about their experiences in Davidson’s class. 

“If you can stand with me through all of that, then I should be able to stand with him,” Jaconetti said.

Under Davidson’s bond conditions, he must wear an ankle monitor. It will track his movement using GPS. 

Davidson must also undergo an evaluation and surrender all of his guns