An Athens family of six is without a home and needs help getting back on their feet again.

They lost everything in a mobile home fire that happened on Hamby Street on Thursday around 8 p.m. 

The family managed to escape the fire without getting hurt. They're staying at a friend's home while investigators look into what caused it.

Flames erupted out of the mobile home in Athens on Thursday. The fire left nothing in its path except debris and ashes.

"The only thing that really got to my head was the kids and their safety," Josh Lucas, a family friend said.

Lucas spoke on behalf of the family of six.

The kids who range in age from toddlers to teenagers evacuated before it was too late. Lucas said their mother was worried.

"It's really hard what she went through and to know what she went through. She was working at the time and she just got a phone call," Lucas said.

When firefighters arrived, everyone was already out of the home.

"Your adrenaline gets up because we know children don't always know how to self-rescue unless parents have practiced exit drills in the home with their children," Chief Jim Dyer of the Athens Fire Department said.

Chief Dyer said the four kids were inside playing video games and knew what to do when the fire broke out. Their dad was already outside when it started.

Firefighters called in others from the department because of how close the mobile homes are to each other.

"We have very little chance of saving a trailer, but we can save the trailers on both sides, but that takes man power," Chief Dyer said.

Firefighters spent Friday roping off the property while they figure out a cause. They also aren't sure if the mobile home had working smoke detectors.

Friends like Lucas are glad no one was hurt. 

"They're like brothers to me. I mean just imagine if anything were to happen," Lucas said.

The family said they did not have insurance for their home. They're needing clothes, shoes, food, and mattresses.

Clothing sizes for the Pulido/Gonzalez family:

  • 15-year-old boy
    • Shirt Size: XXL
    • Pants Size: 38-40 waist
    • Shoe Size: 10 M
  • 11-year-old boy
    • Shirt Size: L (12-14)
    • Pants Size: 1
    • Shoe Size: 4
  • 5-year-old boy
    • Shirt Size: 6
    • Pants Size: 6
    • Shoe Size: 9
  • 2-year-old boy
    • Shirt Size: 4
    • Pants Size: 4
    • Shoe Size: 9

You can contact family friend, Josh Lucas, at 423-920-3124 by either texting or calling him to coordinate a drop off location.