In Crime Stoppers this week, our bad guy is doing a pretty good job concealing his identity, but there may be one thing that leads you to reward cash.

"We believe that he's targeting retail establishments that are in the vicinity where he is comfortable operating," said Chattanooga Police Capt. Zac McCullough.

The area is Brainerd Road. Pictures provided come from surveillance video captured at the business he is hitting in the overnight hours. "The suspect has targeted multiple businesses, generally between 3 and 5 AM," said Capt. McCullough. "He's breaking out the front glass or the door window and he's trying to steal cash that may be left in the business."

The only real physical detail you can take from the photos is that we are looking for a man. His ethnicity cannot be determined, and his height and build are at best guess: average. One thing, though, may give him away. He seems to favor one particular hooded sweatshirt. "We believe that the suspect is wearing this more often then when he's just committing these crimes," McCullough added. "It's a dark chested hoodie with with gray sleeves, a gray hood. He covers his face with a bandanna."

If you don't know this person, but you think you have seen him around, you could earn Crime Stoppers reward cash. That may be just the bit of information the points investigators in the right direction. "If we can determine what type of vehicle he may be in and in what type of area he may live," explained Capt. McCullough, "whether he's walking to these locations or driving to the locations, that will help us identify the suspect and potentially capture him while he's committing one of these crimes."

Up to $1,000 is on the table for your good tip. Help protect your community. "If you can help us catch him," McCullough said, "you may be preventing yourself from being the next victim."

If you would like to share anything you know, the Crime Stoppers hotline in manned 24-7-365. Call: 698-3333

We will never ask your name.