The proposal to put seat belts on new Tennessee school buses after July of 2019 will now cost a fraction of the price.

New numbers from the Tennessee General Assembly Fiscal Review Committee show the cost of the bill as $5,571,700 per year. That's down from the original price of $70,566,400 per year.

The state would be responsible for $928,600. The school systems would be on the hook for $4.6 million.

With there being 147 school districts in the state, it would cost each of them on average $31,292 per year.

The idea was previously pulled from the legislative calendar after State Rep. JoAnne Favors said she felt she didn't have enough support. 

The corrected fiscal memorandum states that "based on additional information received for the bill as amended, the fiscal impact was determined to be in error."

The idea is expected to be reintroduced to the Tennessee General Assembly by the end of the legislative session.

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