Dalton Public Schools held a meeting for parents and  the community to share ideas to make the classrooms safer.

Throughout the meeting parents recounted their conversations with their children the day of the shooting at Dalton High School. A lot of them still fear the unknown as their children go to school each day. Sharon Richard says her daughter ran into a crowded classroom with a substitute teacher on the day of the shooting. Meanwhile, her son was helping her daughter from hundreds of miles away.

"It was jam-packed so she can’t do any of the things that she knows to do and the sub goes on her phone trying to look at the list of things to do," said Richard. "My son was in New York City at the time and he was sitting in Central Park texting her (daughter) the directions of what to do." 

Richard was among many hoping to spark change to keep students safe. 

"The reality is it’s a very serious situation and the gun should’ve never been brought into the building by a student by staff member by a parent," said  Richard.

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Beronica Jimenez agrees. 

"We need to do something for today. We can’t wait until we get metal detectors and fix so many things that we have to fix. We need to do something now." 

School officials explained nearly 500 cameras are set up throughout Dalton school campuses. Secured entrances and other safety protocols are in place, but they admit major improvements still need to be made, especially when it comes to training, communication, and conducting mental evaluations.

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"Do we do emotional test on every staff member every year no we do not. That’s where you we are looking at other ideas to see what we do we want to bring in and start doing more," said Interim Superintendent Don Amonett. 

Though more work must be done, many parents are grateful for the bravery the Dalton High School staff showed last month. 

School board members will meet again on March 28. There will be a work session to discuss what security upgrades they can afford to put in place. 

Dalton High School students also plan to host a panel discussion about school safety on March 26.