Tennessee American Water Company has submitted a proposal to purchase Signal Mountain’s water system.

TAW has supplied quality water from the Tennessee River for 93 years to the Town of Signal Mountain.

Val Armstrong, president of Tennessee American Water, said there are significant advantages for the Town to approve Tennessee American Water’s proposal.

“With Tennessee American Water as an even more engaged partner, the Town will free up funds designated for water infrastructure and reinvest them in other community priorities,” Ms. Armstrong said. “The Town will also gain a new taxpayer that will provide even more support for community-based initiatives.”

Whitwell Mayor Linda Hooper said, “Tennessee American Water is a great community partner and provides excellent customer service. The majority of our workers are former City employees and they know our system and our needs.  Our water company employees not only work here, but they live here and take great pride in providing excellent service.”

The amount offered by TAW has not been released.

Here is the entire statement from TAW:

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